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Blue Zircon yellow Zircon Steven Luvv t Steven universe

Blue Zircon yellow Zircon Steven Luvv t Steven universe


Feelings- Blue Zircon x Yellow Zircon [SU] by RoboCat-RC ...

Blue Zircon, Green Zircon, Yellow Pearl, Blue Pearl Yellow Pearl, Blue Zircon

Peri and Zircon being best friends

Blue Zircon x Yellow Zircon

Moonstone(now we know it's Zircon) | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

7u7 si me besaran pero estoy alone :"( Blue Yellow Zircon | Steven Luvv | Pinterest | Steven universe, Universe and Steven univers

Steven Universe, Courtship, Blue zircon, yellow zircon

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I have a slight obsession with blue Zircon. Find this Pin and more on Steven universe ...

Steven Universe, Blue Zircon, Blue Pearl Rose Quartz Steven Universe, Lapis Lazuli Steven

stevenuniverse, bluezircon - iFunny :)

LMAO STOP, Steven Universe, Zircon, The Trial

Steven Universe Ships, Blue Zircon, I Ship It, Otp, Fanart, Art Photography, Cartoons, Animated Cartoons, Fine Art Photography

#selfie | Blue Zircon Appreciation | Pinterest | Steven universe, Universe and Fandoms

I hope Steven grabbed her gem and brought her back to earth... | Blue Zircon Appreciation | Pinterest | Gems, Steven universe and Earth

Yellow porl is judging you, yellow Zircon Steven Universe Theories, Steven Universe Funny,

Blue-Diamond yellow diamond white diamond Zircon Steven the trial


Zircon is like a student trying to prepare for a presentation

Someone who's not in the SU fandom is Lars in this < < < Yellow Zircon tho he's just like “eh”. Find this Pin and more on Steven Universe ...

(I got the idea to make this from Yellow Diamonds quote in Legs from Here to Homeworld, where she said that unless Steven wanted to be in a bubble for the ...

Steven universe "Wanted" "The Trial" After seeing this episode, I am sure that yellow shattered pink. It obviously couldn't have been Rose, ...

Blue Zircon from Steven Universe.

Blue Zircon

Zircon with rocks to tumble. □ Chem/w Narcissistic Noodle. □ Not Lewd. RT - Give this Zircon sum luv.pic.twitter.com/I5NLsira2G

Protect this Diamond Please by Gigiluv11 ...

Steven Universe "Wanted" "The Trial" Omg their faces. (yellow pearl, blue pearl, pink pearl, pink diamond, zircon) they must have known

Anyway, have Blue Zircon! She is ex equo with Peridot on "mdc's favorite su character" in first place! I ship Blue x Yellow Zircon more than Lapidot! Damn!

#amedot #amethyst #bluediamond #bluezircon #fanfiction #garnet #jaspidot #lapidot #lapis #lasper #pearl #pearlidot #peridot #steven #stevenuniverse ...

Steven Universe Promo Wanted #2 Steven Yellow Diamond Moonstone The Trial

Super old Blue/Yellow Zircon fusion ?

This is a list of the structures and places built by gems in order to find their real-world influences and placement on the maps in SU.

#jaspidot Berättelser - Wattpad

💙Zircons💚 Credit to Day Colors on Instagram #su #stevenuniverse #Zircon #

I luv Tempest if you don't know who she is she's from the mlp


Cute- Zircons ( humanization)- Steven Universe by RoboCat-RC ...

She doesn't match Blue Pearl's color design

The Jock and the Nerd by aspiringartist002

In the show we are provided two maps, one where Pearl marked the destinations that Buddy would later travel to, and another shown by Peridot displaying the ...

Blue zircon is my favorite paranoid child #stevenuniverse #su #thetrial #thetrialsu #

Pixel art zircon. "

Natgasher 4 5 Blue Zircon for ShiverMay by Natgasher

#jaspidot relats - Wattpad

user selected cover ...

#jaspidot Stories - Wattpad

Just As Important. Finally got caught up on Steven Universe ...


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Yay Zircon! Credit to su.drawings #su #stevenuniverse #bluediamond #bluecourt

Steven Universe

[Steven Universe animation] Jasper + Lapis + Peridot FUSION (vs White Diamond) motion download dl

I did this right after I watched the StevenBomb 6 episodes. Lapis and Aquamarine are so similar, how can you NOT wonder what their fusion would be like?

I luv u peridot!! //jaspidot >////<

the universe rocks

She vocalizes her desire to move things along multiple times, and upon being deductively half-accused by the defending Zircon, she flies into a rage and ...

Steven Universe


Steven Universe

Blue Spinel would be an intimidating and commanding gem, very much like Holly Blue, but also very wise, which she gets from Sapphire. She'd be strict, ...

Blue Zircon x Yellow Zircon - thE RETURN of AquaMARINE: chaptpr 2: the squeakquel - Wattpad

I might want to hold onto 10 and 11, not sure yet!

all the ppl who requested Lars~


stevenuniverse. +10 more. Jaspidot by smolalien939

As Blue Zircon recounts the events of the tragic shattering, she mentions that it took place in the presence of Pink Diamond's entourage.

#jaspidot Stories - Wattpad

#jaspidot Stories - Wattpad

The zircons! (🎨?) #greenzircon #bluezircon #thetrialsu #yellowdiamond #

#jaspidot कहानियाँ - Wattpad


#jaspidot relats - Wattpad


Or Yellow Pearl's. Both of them match their Diamonds, and their only color variances are other shades of blue and yellow, respectively.

“Salute the powerful purple diamond”

Blue Zircon 💙

... Kiss- Blue Zircon x Yellow Zircon- Steven Universe by RoboCat-RC


I didn't like Steven Universe at the beginning, but then it happen to be really cool

Original Characters > Gemsonas 1 FULL

... BLUE ZIRCON (THEY/THEM) 🌎🌴 omg how did i never post this here, this is from some weeks or months ago ... kees kees ⠀ ⠀ --- #stevenuniverse #gemsona ...

Can you draw my citrine and aquamarine

Tiger's Eye

Chrysoprase story and doodles

Yellow diamond,,,jesus,,, - - - [ Credit : @

Steven Universe Theory/Discussion! | VGMarkis


the birthstone of December: Zircon! by weirdlyprecious