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Final Smash A Super Smash Bros Comic Kindred Spirit I got

Final Smash A Super Smash Bros Comic Kindred Spirit I got


In a Jam - A Smash Bros Comic by Yayster ...

Final Smash! on Twitter: "I have a comic about that! https://t.co/m8jFDTqxcb… "

Lost for Words - a Smash Bros Comic by Yayster ...

One in Every Family - Smash Bros / Pokemon Comic Dub

Final Smash! on Twitter: "I went to London MCM Comic Con today and got my Ditto a new friend! :)… "

Idw sonic nycc promo Idwsonic previewsworld Idwsonic 1a ...

I start with the Sketch of Mario Jumping and adding Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey since he's in Ultimate as Mario's Cap.

Sonic Mega Man Worlds Collide Vol 1 - Read Sonic Mega Man Worlds Collide Vol 1

Final Smash! - A Super Smash Bros Comic - Kindred Spirit I got really attached to... | Nerdiness | Pinterest | Kindred spirits, Super Smash Bros and Comic

Bad Luck Jigglypuff - a Smash Bros Comic by Yayster ...

Idw sonic nycc promo ...

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Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series may have come to an unceremonious end, but it wasn't long before SEGA of America announced their new partnership ...

Act III: Allied Forces

The Marvel Cinematic Universe hype is at an all-time high in the days leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. People are heralding it as the biggest crossover ...

IDW gave the full reveal of her character on Facebook, describing her as a kindred spirit to ...

Final Smash! - A Super Smash Bros Comic - Kindred Spirit I got really attached

I swear Nintendo made Robin's Final Smash was for this joke alone

The Infinity Gauntlet has long been a feared object in Marvel comics. When fully equipped with every Infinity Stone, this smitten mitten grants massive ...

The Wii Fit Trainer probably isn't what people had in mind when they heard "Female Trainer". <--- true but that character is my favorite one to play.

Little Mac, Captain Falcon

Act I: Kindred Spirits

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We also run a simulation in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to predict if the Avengers will triumph or fall to Thanos. Check out the at video toward the bottom ...

I think the next Hero of Time may have an artificial foot.... Super Smash Bros ...

Sonic Super Special #3

Super Smash Puff

The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You're playing the game, you're fighting the bosses, you know the how -- but do you know the why?

Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Comics: Ultimate Edition

Nothing can tear the teen titans apart.

Smash Poster Five Things That Need to be in Smash Bros U

No Caption Provided. "

It wasn't until its appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that people enjoyed Wall-E's older uncle. Oh yeah, and there's that thing about how War Machine ...

'Super Puff Bros. 2' Design by Moysche. Super smash ...

Mega Man battles Copy Robot, from Sonic Universe #52.

We have a new Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider comic, Infinity Countdown counts down, Daredevil gets a 600… and what's happening with the Amazing Spider-Man?

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I also included the date, a signature, and a Twitter. I even posted this on DeviantArt but instead the Twitter, I set the DeviantArt link to my profile.

She doesn't don that kind of garb until the summer of 1935, when she kidnaps Terry and Pat and takes them to her island stronghold. And that was quite some ...

I first played this game on my long 14 hours trip to Las Vegas to attend EVO 2018. Since we were in the fighting games spirit, I thought it would be the ...

Ness and Greninja. Find this Pin and more on Super smash bros ...

Super Mario Odyssey Art Book Reveals “Official Bowsette” Concept Existed Long Before The Fan-Made One

Sonic Universe Graphic Novels | Sonic News Network | FANDOM powered by Wikia


Lucario from Super smash bros drawn in the same style as Mario Strikers. Lucario has always been a favorite Pokemon of mine, both ascetically and compet.

Super Smash Bros Marth,Toon Link, Ike, Snake, Pit, Kirby,

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Putting the Band Back Together

(DC Comics)

Hulk #35 Page 2, click to enlarge.

We're not privy to Mrs. Superman's identity yet. On the other end of the line is -- you guessed it -- Clark Kent, Jr. It seems the lad hasn't made much ...

If you've been craving new Useless ID music, we've got you covered. SHORT, FAST, and LOUD…that's what you're going to hear with 7 Hits from Hell!

Hulk #35 Page 1, click to enlarge.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is often considered the blacksheep of the entire series. The fighting didn't have the same feeling and physics as Melee, ...

... into the lives of Robinson Crusoe, Aladdin and his magic lamp, Jesus (his birth for the Christmas season), General George Armstrong Custer and his last ...

Worlds Unite

Both are air-based fighters whether piloting a suit or aircraft, they each have sassy personalities, ...

Sonic the Hedgehog 1: Countdown to Chaos

Welcome back to Know Your Lore, WoW.com's column about the story behind the game we all play. We talked last week about Quel'Delar, a sword of emerging lore ...

Hulk #35 Page 5, click to enlarge.

The postcard that came with "Heroes" #1, a 90's reprint of DC Comics material. I bought it at the time & stuck the above to the wall of the office I had ...

As the heads of outfits based in space, Star-Lord and Star Fox are exceptional pilots and even have a few gadgets they efficiently use during ground ...

Super Smash Bros 4 (For Wii U)

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Doug: So the scene settles in Sparta City, where we look in on an ailing Rocco Krugge. His son, Rocco Krugge, Jr. (sheesh... but you know what? I have grown ...

Lana has been given superhuman strength more than once in the comics, look at these comic strips.

I was introduced to the Smash Bros. series as a casual player in 2009, playing as Luigi and Toon Link, but then started competitive play almost four years ...

Mega Man equips Vector Man's weapon, from Sonic the Hedgehog #249.

"Sanjay's Super Team" Comes to the Con ? Director Sanjay Patel and producer Nicole Grindle are taking Pixar Animation Studios' new short to San Diego's ...

ctantheinsane: “Ohh boy :D ” League Of Legends Comic, League Memes,

Card 1 of 6Artwork · LIT Comic

So with a small taste of a book to come, from exactly 69 years ago, I give you "Mario Nette" and wish all readers a wonderful holiday season and a happy new ...

Sonic Super Digest #12

Hulk #35 Page 3-4, click to enlarge.

Born Lucky

5 Comics You Must Read This Month

Sonic Super-Sized Comics Digest #11

Hulk #35 Cover, click to enlarge.

Act III: Chaos Clash

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Go to episode 461 Weird Tales of the Ramones

Act II: Broken Bonds

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Not Using the "Z" Word

So with a small taste of a book to come, from exactly 69 years ago, I give you "Mario Nette" and wish all readers a wonderful holiday season and a happy new ...


Hasib book cover

Here are my other Sketches, still working on them.

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