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Hey im Kaoru one of the twins i like to cause trouble but i always

Hey im Kaoru one of the twins i like to cause trouble but i always


Hey im Kaoru one of the twins i like to cause trouble but i always have

Hikaru x Kaoru

Anime & Manga 4 All: Quotes From The Hitachiin Twins, Ouran High School Host Club

"Ouran High School Host Club" - Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. "Let's play the Which One is Hikaru Game!"

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[Hitachiin Twins x Reader] Love Game part 3 by ItachiIsUchiha on DeviantArt

X Twincest 101 by KyrieRose14

They Say Dreams Can Come True (Hikaru x Kaoru Twincest Fanfic)

Their Personal Slave (A Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru Fanfic)

Junior High school (Hikaru x reader x Kaoru)

Hikaru and Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club Photo - Fanpop

Being Twins Hurts

Im The Girl Lolita Type (Discontinued)

"Let's play the 'Which one is Hikaru' game" - Hikaru and Kaoru. "

Sounds just like Hikaru and Kaoru... wow, I think these boys watch Host Club.

Seduce Me [yandere x reader | one shots]

Ouran high school host club the twins kaoru and hikaru

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Double Trouble (Kaoru x Hikaru x Reader)

Name: Kaoru Hitachiin

26-sosei-no-onmyoji-vita-1-880x1024.jpg (

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Hikaru & Kaoru The HItachiin Twins and Brothers one of my favorite representations of them

Tags: Anime, Ouran High School Host Club, Hitachiin Kaoru, Hitachiin Hikaru, Hitachiin Twins, Pixiv Id 1985733

Double One Night Stand (Ouran Host Club• Hitachiin's X Koari / oc -Lemon)

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UtaPri One Shots ((finished))

Ouran High School Host Club Transcript

the twins Ouran Highschool Host Club

DeeDeeTwins 3205

Voice Acting Ouran Twins Fight Scene - Lyrics and Music by Anime Voice Acting arranged by Justlida11 | Smule

Hikaru and Kaoru

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kiss kiss fall in love ~🌸

Hikaru X Kaoru X Reader

Kaoru, Hikaru, Hitachiin twins, brothers, glasses; Ouran High School Host Club

Hikaru and Kaoru < < I was just watching the show and that's there Character for impressing girls like if notice the way they are not working it's a different ...

Hitachiin Twins

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin by dawn hikari by NatsuHitachiin

9th June and their Zodiac sign is Gemini It's a twin thing Anime : OHSHC |

Little Hikaru and Kaoru. <--- daww! With their hair all cute before the weird bowl cuts.

I'm Hikaru. I'm Kaoru. Nickname: We're considered the "Little Devil" types, but we usually go by our normal names, except Honey calls us by pet names as ...

We love our sister hikaru x oc x kaoru. (slow Updates)

Hitachiin Twins x OC

The Quiet One ~ OHSHC

hikaru and kaoru image

And Izumi seems to consider him as a rival and she loves the persona more than Kaoru! What must Kaoru do to make Izumi love him!?

Hikaru-and-Kaoru-hikaru-and-kaoru-hitachiin Host Club Anime

Honey's twin sister

(Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru)

The One That I Love (Kaoru X Reader) Chap. 2 by FantageDawn on DeviantArt

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Hikaru & Kaoru for fans of Hikaru x Kaoru TWINCEST !

I love them Hikaru and Kaoru from the anime Ouran High School Host Club Original screen shot found on Photobucket -( [link] )- Colored -( [link] )- ANYO.

Kaoru falls in love

The Little Things : Anime Oneshots

Ouran Highschool Host Club Hikaru x You x Kaoru by CryKunAnime on DeviantArt

HP - Twin Mix-up by SajiKohei ...

Hitachiin Twins


Honey's new sister(OHSHC Fanfic)

Reader x Various Anime Boys

Mine, Not Yours (Kaoru X Reader)

It's A Twin Thing

Various Yandere!Brother x Reader

The One That I Love (Kaoru X Reader) Chap. 4 by FantageDawn on DeviantArt


Ouran Sisters {OHSHC+}

i love the twins

26-sosei-no-onmyoji-vita-1-880x1024.jpg (880×1024) | Character Designs and Concepts | Pinterest | Character design and Characters

... meet Kaoru, you think he is pretty mischievous and outgoing as his brother and wants to do everything that will entertain him, even if it causes trouble ...

The Late Bloomer [On Haitus]

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HIkaru and Kaoru Hitachiin

I think it's adorable that Tamaki has huge portraits of his friends hanging in his room

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The Loyal Rose (Hikaru x oc x Kaoru)

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#hitachiin Stories - Wattpad

So the twins pairs are Kaoru and Hikaru, Riku and Risa and Len and Rin (not exactly twins). Which one of them is your favorite?

Enjoyable Interruptions (hitachiin twins x reader)

Hikaru and kaoru happy:D by Ilovehikarukaoru ...

ShadowTheHedgehog192 5 0 Happy Halloween~ From the Hitachiin Twins by ShadowTheHedgehog192

The Twins by Gamerdragon07 ...

Anime Oneshots & Imagines