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A Weighty Concern: Why a Smaller Hydrovac Truck Isn't Necessarily the Best Choice to Maximize Performance

The pioneer of autonomous driving. Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

That shiny new truck could have a 15-year-old engine that doesn't meet today's standards, and you might never know…except for the plumes of pollution behind ...

There are applications where a customer needs a heavy duty truck, one that will last for years, that is durable and reliable but they really don't need the ...

Don't forget the humans

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Pop Up? How 'Bout A Truck?

The province of Ontario is already kicking in $1B for the LRT in Ottawa, so money won't be easy to find. But we have to find a solution soon because our ...

I-16 truck crash May 19 2015

Street fare from food trucks isn't just an urban phenomenon. In the Napa Valley, it's one of the best options to grab some chow on the fly.

While we can't make the decision for you—you know your fleet best—we'll guide you through the benefits of each option and some tips to keep in mind moving ...

Don't drop low-hanging fruit of truck fuel efficiency

Greater stopping power. Less maintenance. A car-like response. Those are just some of the reasons why fleets are spec'ing new trucks with air disc brakes.

We have recently expanded our Ottawa truck refurbishment capabilities because of increased demand. After all of the loading, lifting, and heavy usage, ...


CBC's Marketplace Test Truck Safety and Training in the Industry

The Simple Tech That's Helping Coca Cola, AT&T, WalMart Cut Costs and Emissions

Have you ever found yourself driving behind a semi-trailer truck? If you're on a single-lane highway or road, it can be a nightmare.

... behind the scenes at Trucksmart (uh oh) and new blog posts. Laura Rider of Cobalt Images is the genius behind the site design and we couldn't be more ...

Surely, many readers will respond by saying 'when brokers start telling shippers that they won't get a truck, the shipper's going to change his tune.

Are you trying to plan an event and a food truck is asking for a "minimum guarantee"? Don't worry if you don't know what that means! We can help explain.

An Interview with Flip Bamelis of E-Trucks Europe

Summer State of Mind


What will happen to truck drivers when self-driving vehicles take over? - The Washington Post

This is something everyone has been guilty or a victim of. When driving down the road we sometimes forget, that truck drivers can't ...

Let's face it, when you purchase a new vehicle, you aren't going to keep it for the full term of your loan, especially if its for 60-72 months.


Are you in the market for a new new-to-you vehicle? Is it time to say goodbye to your boring old vehicle that can't do what you need it to do?

A list of all the can't-miss food trucks in Utah.

Hockey mom's food truck: 'Don't be a cake eater, eat a brownie!' - StarTribune.com

... and investments we made before Michael hit, unlike some others, our network performed well. From day one, we heard consistently from T-Mobile customers ...

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ELD Use Isn't Just a Mandate — It's a Competitive Advantage

2016 GMC Canyon Diesel

The company's restored 1958 Mack B Model is parked in front of the corporate headquarters in nearby Norwell. The B Model is identical to the first truck ...

The Ford Expedition looks exactly like a truck on the inside, something that can be a shock at first after viewing its SUV looking shell. This isn't really ...

Featured image 5 February 2018

We're in the middle of a fun summer, but don't forget

I don't need to draw on the entire side of the truck, since the front part will go out of the frame. You just need a portion of the area to suffice.

The 4 Forces Transforming Logistics, Supply Chain And Transportation Today

(Courtesy of RM Auctions)

What is engine braking and why can't you do it?

Some of the Food Trucks that featured at the latest event included:

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Blog Post | How to Paint a Car With a Bucket of Rust-Oleum and a Roller | Car Talk

The Liebherr T 284 is powered by a 2700 horsepower engine combined with a Litronic Plus

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Concern Worldwide staff unloading trucks ahead of food distribution in Filtu, Somali Region, Ethiopia

Ram trucks aren't known for their subtlety, and the new Macho Power Wagon concept dials up the in-your-face nature of the popular super-duty truck.

Instead of the outside mirrors, all we see on the exterior of the new Actros are two small camera arms pointing toward the back of the truck.

June 13, 2018 Meghan Slack

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Dorothy Faidley, widow of long-time volunteer Karl Faidley, and Richard Faidley,

Who doesn't get a little edgy driving near a semi on the highway? More than 250,000 accidents between passenger cars and 18-wheelers happen each year – with ...

Kyle Cheromcha

... their break on Tuesday, and next Thursday there will be more photos and memories to delight all Heartlanders in the next Thursday edition of the blog.

Why do Canadians love trucks and SUVs? Blame Woodstock (the festival, not the town)

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A devastated Jain started dealing with her grief by writing an emotionally intimate blog describing her insomnia, her fears and her utter hopelessness.

Turning a Food Truck into a Restaurant : Advice from Mei Mei Street Kitchen

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Anyone who manages a fleet of vehicles has heard these words from their drivers before – turns hard, won't turn, locks up, hangs up, oversteers, ...

Toyota forklift year intella liftparts

For example a 180 mm truck is actually about 10 inches in total size. I know, it's bit confusing. Why can't we all just agree?

Ken Block's Gymkhana TEN F-150 Hoonitruck, presented by Toyo Tires

Items that Can't Come with You When Moving to the United States from Canada

One of the best burgers I've ever had - the brioche bun is fresh and the combo of burger, cheese, pulled pork and slaw trumps any ...

In 2013, Mack Trucks had 6,000 fans on Facebook. As of January 19, 2016, they have 125,229 fans. This tremendous growth was achieved organically.

After one of our best Burns ever, our journey ended when two speeding 4×4's overtook me on the R355 ...

Pam Boucher was wheeled off the Brunswick Explorer bus by the driver, Gregory Guckenburg.

But besides our news of natural disaster we have good news to report from this side of the country too: The people we have met have all been great!

How to Make a DIY Vintage Truck DIY T-Shirt: Chalking Series, Project 10

CES 2017 - Huang speaks about $10T Transportation Industry