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Image result for j hope im hogwarts sigh t Hogwarts BTS

Image result for j hope im hogwarts sigh t Hogwarts BTS


I didn't play Sorting Hat, I used this post it of Namjoon and wrote the roles based on his choice.

Looks like he just got a letter from Hogwarts! Lol.

Stereotypically, yes, this fits them, but the houses are more layered than that.

Rapmonie is Ravenclaw, Jin/Jhope are Hufflepuffs, Suga and Kookie are Slytherin (like me), and Jimin/Tae are Griffindors

BTS-Hogwarts Houses as i see them :3 #BTS #Hogwarts #Gryffindor #Hufflepuff #Ravenclaw #Slytherin

As you see, I became quite obsessed with RM's way of sorting BTS in different houses (JM's house in particular).

Competing With Time (BTS/Harry Potter Crossover)

BTS Harry Potter AU Jimin & V


Jin being the eldest, his personality is motherly and caring. Molly Weasley is very loving and caring for her family and will gladly help any who need it.

Of Love and Other Charms(Jin x reader|Hogwarts AU) by Venulus on DeviantArt

BTS...in Hogwarts..with HOO?! (Plus SVT)

#BTS #HarryPotter #Amazing #Boys #Love #Hogwarts #Jin #RapMoon


j-hope or harry potter? scientists can't tell

V. Jimin. RM. J-Hope

BTS in Hogwarts

Without further ado, here they are:

J-Hope reminds me so much of my boyfriend. They have the same kind of cheerful personality that makes everyone around him happy. J-hope is bright, ...

It's Jhope with a thestral patronus and Jimin reflected in the water with a dementor as Hogwarts students. You can check out progress shots of this in my ...

Bts in hogwarts. (17) Twitter

Something New - Min Yoongi x Reader - Hogwarts AU

He's the genius and one of the two writers of the group. He got a QI of 150! Incredible!

So, as the little Potterhead I am, I thought why not doing a cross over of BTS and Harry Potter! I did some aesthetics, I'll surely do fan arts and I'll try ...

#bangtan #bts #got7 #harrypotter #hogwarts #hufflepuff #ilvermorny #j-hope #jackson #jimin #jin #jungkook #rapmonster #ravenclaw #romance #school #slytherin ...


Hogwarts!AU Jikook | by @poocari on Twitter

I know it's a way bit past halloween but this was originally something I started back in October and didn't finish till now. Overtime at work + Im slow at ...

Name: Kim Nam Joon

J-Hope - Daydream (Lyrics)

TAEKOOK lockscreen | aesthetic | wallpaper (Hogwarts AU / Slytherin House)

BTS' J-Hope Delivers 'Daydream' Video From 'Hope World' Mixtape | Billboard

The most beautiful hearted person in the world, Yoongi or Suga.


Watch The MV For BTS j-hope's DAYDREAM & Shriek At The Heavens

Rude Boy (BTS x Reader Harry Potter AU)

[ENG SUB] Jhope BTS self interview (S.G. 2016)

BTS!harry Potter AU: Where Jung Hoseok is from Huffle-Puff.

AA T ¶ ⒞

j-hope ' Daydream (백일몽) ' (English Cover + Lyrics)

BTS Harry Potter crossover

[FMV] BTS | BLACKPINK Hogwarts!au - Hufflepuff

So I did another Thing bc of @ur-a-wizard-bts and her LOVELY HEADCANONS about BTS and their Patronuses.

The sunshine himself, Hoseok or J-Hope.

The Flower Boy BTS Hogwarts AU: Jin x Reader


The adorable muscley bunny, Jeongguk or Jungkook

BTS Hogwarts Aesthetics - Slytherin ~

J-Hope nearly didn't debut with BTS but returned thanks to RM | Metro News


Daydream (백일몽). J-Hope

How to Reset Your Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game


[My Favorite Groups] BTS J-Hope ART CHALLENGE

Our sexy minded and outstanding leader, Namjoon or RM


Bangtan Translations on Twitter: "[KOR/ENG LYRICS] Daydream (백일몽) by J-Hope https://t.co/FHOOddGbSy #HopeWorld #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY ...

Loving Enemies (Jungkook x Reader// Harry Potter AU)

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 21: K-Pop sensation, group BTS poses

Reiko Hiru [VOPE VHOPE]

He knows what he wants, knows what he knows, knows how to get it, and determined to get it. Slytherin live by the “don't hate the playa, hate the game” ...

Bangtan and Harry Potter. V is in Hufflepuff ♡.♡

An Introduction to BTS: J-Hope Version

hogwarts AU hobi #bts #btsfanart #hoseok #jhope #art #instaart #

HP AU: Battle of Hogwarts pt 6 FINAL. #vhope #btsfanart #angst #harrypotterau THANK U FOR FOLLOWING THIS COMIC.… https://t.co/OWsDyPrMxe"

BTS Harry Potter series @BTS_twt #BTS · #Jungkook #Jimin #Jhope #Sugapic.twitter.com/jXgB9ixWNz

hogwarts |taekook|

JEZUS KRIST, Finally i got 5 mins to draw my fav boiz. Here you go,Katya, some cringy sketch of our BTS Harry Potter AU for you.

J-HOPE-(Rapper, Lyricist, Main dancer)

madz ☀ (hiatus) @madzjams · 28 Feb 2017


When your having a bad day, you can always count on J-Hope to ease your emotions. Just look at this whenever your feelings down.

blackbear jhope jung hoseok hoseok · Jung Hoseok at Hogwarts [First Year]

She told BuzzFeed News: " While going back to the books in the search

DIY Hogwarts Floating Candles, Witch Crafting #3 (CONTEST CLOSED) - YouTube

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BTS Game - The Vampire Diaries Edition

dreã ⌲ on Twitter: "Throwback to when Namjoon sorted BTS into Hogwarts' houses #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt… "

Answer Wiki


Unboxing First-Ever Wizarding World Loot Crate featuring Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts - YouTube

HP AU: Battle of Hogwarts pt 6 FINAL. #vhope #btsfanart #angst #harrypotterau THANK U FOR FOLLOWING THIS COMIC.… https://t.co/OWsDyPrMxe"

Jimin is said to be very kind and a very hard-worker multiple times by the members, and a very good listener. In Rookie King, the members agreed Jimin ...

Intelligent With an IQ of 148, Namjoon is practically oozing intelligence. With is evident in some of his lyrics, for example;

Harry Potter: The Character Vault

dark horse ♞ // j-hope

BTS Bangtan Boys Members 2

Yimei~BTS fanart~ @Yimei_Zhu

HP AU: Battle of Hogwarts pt 6 FINAL. #vhope #btsfanart #angst #harrypotterau THANK U FOR FOLLOWING THIS COMIC.… https://t.co/OWsDyPrMxe"

Hybrid/Mix House: Slytherpuff (he is 70% slytherin and like 30% hufflepuff)

BTS x Hogwarts AU Headcanons

[BTS - Am I wrong] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 161013 EP.496