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LanaIsobel Lana SmallVille t

LanaIsobel Lana SmallVille t


Margaret Isobel Thoreaux

402Smallville0397. Lois and Lana

Genevieve Teague

Smallville408 400.jpg

Lois and Chloe are confused by Lana's strange behavior.

Lana Lang\Isobel Theroux Tribute - Bring Me To Life

Lois encourages Clark to dance with Lana

Smallville S04|E08 Spell / Lana Possessed By Margaret Isobel Thoreaux

Season Six

Louise McCallum

Isabel (Lana) VS Clark Kent - Smallville

Clark and Lois discuss Chloe's birthday party, to be held at The Kent Farm in the absence of the parents. We know this won't turn out well. So Lana/Isobel ...

Isobel about to be burn at the stake.


Lois is not.

Lana Lang ▻ Seven Devils; Holy Water Cannot Help You Now


Smallville Season 4 "SPELL": drusplace ?

Genevieve Teague (Smallville)

Isobel in Lana's body using magic.

A pregnant Lana Lang in season five.



Season Seven

Season Eleven


Margaret Isobel Thoreaux

Season Six

Kristin Kreuk - Fan club album. Kristin KreukLana LangKristen ...

Lewis and Laura Lang.

Smallville “Sacred” Kristin Kreuk Smallville, Lana Smallville, Catherine Chandler, Kristen Kreuk

Smallville - Season 1 Promo

David: In this time period, Lana relates being in France, touching the tomb of Thoreau, and blacking out for an indeterminate amount of time before waking ...

Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang in Smallville - Season 1

Lana Lang - She was WAY too obsessed with honesty and all that crap and she

Lana Lang / Kristin Kreuk Lana Lang Smallville, Kristin Kreuk Smallville, Kristen Kreuk,

Wedding day for Lana Kristin Kreuk Smallville, Lana Lang Smallville, Wedding Dressses, Wedding

Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian actress, known for her roles as Lana Lang in the Superman-inspired television series Smallville and as Laurel Yeung in the ...

Lana Lang / Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang/Season Four

Cute pic of Kristin at San Diego Comic Con 2013

Kristin Kreuk. Beautiful. And love how she fills out those jeans. #love · Lana !

Smallville - Lana Lang played by Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang / Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk Brunette Actresses, Catherine Chandler, Kristen Kreuk, Lana Lang Smallville, Jay


Smallville Tom Welling, Annette O'Toole, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum. Clark Kent, Martha Kent, Lana Lang, Lex Luther.

Isabella (Lana) from "Sacred"

Character Bio

2015 The CW Upfronts - 0016 - Kristin Kreuk Daily |

Lex goes to visit Lana. Things do not go well.

Clark and Lois discuss Chloe's birthday party, to be held at The Kent Farm in the absence of the parents. We know this won't turn out well. So Lana/Isobel ...

Chris: You know, you guys can say that we focus on Lois's sexuality a lot in these columns and that's definitely true -- as you'll see in a minute -- but ...

Lana Lang. Kristen Kreuk Coat.jpg


Lana's pissed. She just found out Lex had Jason fired and not Clark. Overreact much Lana? You did make him play the piano FOR HOURS.

Henry and Lana.

Lana vs Isobel - Within Temptation


And seriously, if you were going to make Lex do something with his hands would you pick playing the piano?????? I didn't think so.

#4.22 "Commencement" Recap & Review | KryptonSite

Smallville “Sacred”.I loved this program.Please check out my website thanks


Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang Kristin Kreuk Smallville, Lana

Nevermind5555 images Isobel Thoreaux <3 HD wallpaper and background photos

Lex and Genevieve talk about Jason.

Clark & Lana

beautiful Jason Teague #Smallville ... Apparently Jensen Ackles plays a character other than


Jason and Clark discuss Lana. YAWN.

Lauren452 13 0 Smallville - Lana by Lauren452

Kristin Kreuk, Ocean Drive photoshoot

David: Well, he IS a farmboy, so there's no reason for Clark to have a thing against guns. I wasn't as in love with this episode as you were, although I do ...

ClarkandLanaKent 0 0 Scan005 by ClarkandLanaKent

ClarkandLanaKent 2 0 Lana by Lauren452

Lana Lang / Kristin Kreuk Lana Lang Smallville, Allison Mack, Lex Luthor, Chloe

Isobel-Theroux 10 0 Scan019 by ClarkandLanaKent

❤️Kristin Kreuk is Lana Lang ( Smallville )

Smallville Lana Lang and Bizarro - Version 29 by Gatergirl79


David: Leaving Clark having to explain to his parents why he blew his meeting with Princeton and had panties hanging around the barn, with the thoroughly ...

Powers and Abilities

Smallville Season 10 Episode 5: ISIS : brijeana ?

Smallville Poropasals of Clark Kent to Lana Lang and Lois Lane. I hate to say


I love how the scissors break when Lana tries to cut his hair. Which brings up the question: How does Clark cut his hair then?

AyvazyanMara 2 3 Smallville: The Man of Steel Movie Poster by jonesyd1129

Jason wonders why Lana is acting so weird. Viewers are wondering the same thing.

-Kristin Kreuk... Lana LangCatherine ...

rumper1 9 2 Laughing by rumper1

I don't get all the "Chloe got pwned" comments popping up on message boards. Chloe didn't get owned by Lex. Lex used his authority and his position over her ...

Clark Kenton Smallvile Tom Welling Smallville, Smallville Quotes, Clark Kent, Tv Series,