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Opportunity Backlog Discovery Track Development t

Opportunity Backlog Discovery Track Development t


Opportunity Backlog Discovery Track Development Backlog Development Track Hypothesis, prototypes, and validation. Feed

Step 5: The role of the tech lead

Step 6: How can we get feedback faster?

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AW6 Concurrent Session 11/8/17 1:30 PM Balance Discovery and Delivery ...

And since discovery tasks are often small, teams are usually divided into smaller groups or tasks. This can be challenging to manage.

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... of Dual-Track Agile because failed experiments are much cheaper than releasing features with no value. This 'fail fast' process is also educational, ...

By now it should be clear that both development and discovery work are critical. But the mindset you approach the work with, and your process for doing it, ...

1 — Discovery feeding into Delivery — Taken from: http://www.slideshare.net/andreaneu/ux-in-a-dual-track-agile-world

For our dual-track Agile reincarnation, we augmented the team with a range of UX skills, a dedicated front-end developer, and a dedicated product owner ...

This could be fun if everyone gets to collaborate on the same form of discovery. Then again, keep in mind how you use the precious time of developers.

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These areas give a holistic view of backlog items, emphasizing that no single dimension is sufficient by itself—all seven are necessary.

The Top 5 Reasons That 90% of Companies Fail at Product Discovery – DSRUPTR

Making a Discovery Plan


@agilejpSource: https://jpattonassociates.com/ ...

Overview of Discovery kanban at Optimizely

... look for patterns; 8.

Good Product Managers do Continuous Discovery!

UX Roadmap Dual Track Backlog

Product Owner Theses: Scrum from Product Discovery to Product Delivery

The trick is to do product discovery continuously too. Marty Cagan suggests a dual-track scrum approach. In this method a small part of the team works on ...

7. Why Discovery?

Product Backlog Defense — Age of Product

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28 Product Backlog and Refinement Anti-Patterns – ProductCoalition.com

The new age of product managers brought a product focus to the process — now known as continuous discovery and delivery or dual-track agile.

Product Backlog Defense Near-Term Planning

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Components as pivot sizes: In JIRA, a component is defined as a subsection of a project, used to group issues across different categories.


This wasn't the only product development process in use. Lean had been adopted by some of the products.

Product Backlog Defense — Age of Product Product Creation Process — Age of Product

... your dual-track product discovery/development process. Fill your opportunity backlog using a rigorous, proven, cross-referenced method of problem space ...

Team makeup probably matters even more

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Service blueprinting

Discover; Define; Develop; Deliver. The example of Double Diamond model from the Internet.

Solution Exploration kanban board

Recently, I attended a Meetup on Dual Track Scrum (DTS), presented by Aaron Sanders, and since unfamiliar with this new Agile flavor of delivery, ...

Product Assessment with the Opportunity Canvas Agile Austin - Product SIG January 20, ...

10/11/17 9 + MVP Tests + Opportunity Canvas Epic ...

Distinguish between Vision and Product Strategy

Activity table Product Development process

Agile software development process

Discovery through Research

The discovery phase establishes the essential tenet of Agile methodology that consists of breaking down the requirements into small batch sizes.

88 …

theme-based roadmap

Streamline Your Agile Requirements by Avoiding Bloated Backlogs | AgileConnection

Agile metrics: How to master lead time cycle time – by Age of Product

I really enjoyed the workshop on story mapping. Sadly, I still feel that although I 'get it' at a theoretical level, I still cannot see easy ways to use it ...

Parallel Track Approach

Figure 1: Data Value Creation Process

Innovationsprozess nach Cooper (Stage-Gate-Modell)

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Extract from a sample product backlog

This does not constitute the Product Backlog, but only ideas that would delight a developer. As part of the discovery stage, an item/idea/story is picked ...

So one of the biggest challenges I've repeatedly heard about technical debt is that although the delivery team knows it exists, there is no easy way to ...

5. MVP Backlog

Options Organized by Type of Strategy

Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2017-2018/Final/Programs/Product/ja - Meta

Product Backlog

As a practical talk, it lacked empathy for the internal users: the product managers and development leads.

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Healthy Start Discovery

A similar but slightly different point of view

Age of Product: Age Metrics: The good, the bad, and the ugly



Product Management Career Paths

User Stories Expanded

Bugs tracking template backlog

Product Feature Component

Product Backlog Generation

A Multi Stage Product Development Pipeline

Figure 1

How We Estimate Software Development Projects Within our Agile Framework

big product owner responsibilties

Discovery drives millions in recoveries for Lovelace Health Plan