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Snowy owl Owl and Bird t

Snowy owl Owl and Bird t


Snowy Owl

Keep your wits (and eBird) about you: You don't want to miss your chance to see a Snowy Owl in the Lower 48. Photo: Brian Kushner

Leucistic birds, such as the female barn owl, remain extremely rare

Snowy Owl

Snowy owls may be a nice surprise in more Southerly climes, but these charismatic birds are also at risk. (Andrew(Chungho) Kim / Alamy)


Photo: Michael L. Baird/Flickr Creative Commons

Here are ten fun facts about the Snowy Owl. Don't forget to check out our customizable Snowy Owl t-shirts and gifts and other cute Birdorable owls.

I was out on the beach yesterday (Sunday, 11 March) morning, hoping to see some interesting ducks or alcids or, really, anything interesting. I didn't see ...

My guess was that this Snowy Owl was a first-year female. Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America make clears that females are usually darker and ...

Snowy owl

I was out on the beach yesterday (Sunday, 11 March) morning, hoping to see some interesting ducks or alcids or, really, anything interesting. I didn't see ...

Snowy owls have excellent eyesight and hearing.

Female Snowy Owl

Barn Owl

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Please don't approach snowy owls; they need their privacy.

A snowy white owl takes flight in this undated handout photo courtesy of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Bird enthusiasts are reporting rising numbers of ...

Young owl on the tundra at Barrow, Alaska. Snowy owls lose their black feathers with age, although individual females may retain some

What you didn't know about the Snowy Owl.

Snowy Owls via Candles By T. Click on the image to see more!

Their piercing yellow eyes make snowy owls unmistakable. (istock)

The birds, according to Kuhnert, are drawn to short grass, large lakes and open spaces. They are typically spotted on the ground, but can also be seen ...

Snowy Owl

As he moved up the Lake Michigan shoreline, the speck on a breakwater came into view and took his breath away: it was a snowy owl, thousands of miles from ...

Snowy Owl - Schnee-Eule.jpg

Snowy Owl

Climate change may be affecting the availability of the Snowy Owl's prey © Francais Cadien

Snowy Owl Beak

Adult male Snowy Owl in flight, Calgary, AB, 23 February.

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Snowy Owl - by Len Medlock - 11-30-2013 - Seabrook-Hampton

It looks like another year of abundant Snowy Owls here in Western New York, but it really takes looking around for these very disguised birds. They don' t ...

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The Magnificent Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl's General Information

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Snowy owl sightings on the rise — especially along Great Lakes shorelines: 'It's the stuff of mythology' - Lake County News-Sun

Snowy owl illustration with splash watercolor textured background

I secretly think the owl enjoyed watching us more than we did watching it...couldn't resist another couple of photos, even though mine are not a patch on ...

We don't really know why the numbers are declining but reduced food supply (perhaps due to climate change) and the high rate of collisions with vehicles and ...

OCT018_I09_SnowyOwls-OPENER.jpg. OCT018_I09_SnowyOwls-OPENER.jpg. A female snowy owl ...

Enjoy Those Snowy Owls But Don't Forget Birding Ethics.

Chuck Zacharaias (CC BY-NC 2.0). Snowy owls ...

Snowy Owl (15 seconds)

Where Snowy Owls Migrate

Antarctic Peninsula

Snowy owl

Closest to Minneapolis was a Snowy Owl found in Champlin on Nov. 20. Of course, reports refer only to birds seen.

Spring May Be Near, But Snowy Owls Show Us that Winter Isn't Over Yet

A snowy owl surveys photographer Conrad Kuiper from atop a telephone pole in Ontario. Photo

With more snowy owls being seen in the state, the DNR is reminding people to keep their distance so they don't stress the owls. This owl was photographed at ...

Huge numbers of snowy owls are wintering in southern Ontario this year in what experts call an 'irruption.' (Jon Castell/CBC)

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Snowy Owl yawning, Wolfe Island, ON, February.

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Bird enthusiasts are enjoying an “invasion” of snowy owls in Chicago and across northeastern Illinois this winter.

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Snowy owl. Lithograph engraved by John T. Bowen, from the artwork of John James Audubon, for the book, Birds of America, vol. 1, published in 1840.

... small size and comparatively light barring, and I'm thinking it's going on 7 months old, knowing that most snowy owls are born in mid-May in the Arctic.

Snowy owls like to eat lemmings—small, mouselike rodents.

Snowy Owl Invasion

Female snowy owl flying low over the ground

Fog, snow, rain, or sunshine, she isn't deterred much from her routine of sleeping, resting, and grooming during the day, in preparation for an evening of ...

Snowy Owl, The Arctic Ghost

Snowy owls: A curiosity in cities and a problem for airplanes - The Washington Post

Snowy Owl Feathers

... snowy owl, which was trapp. In this Dec. 14, 2017 photo, Norman Smith, director of Mass Audubon's

... Snowy Owl wet from the rain | by NicoleW0000

Airport fences' barbed wire doesn't bother these owls

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Snowy owl

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Photo Gallery

More Views. SNOWY OWLS Birds T ...

... bird doesn't try to fly. So all the high perches were taken out of the owl's spacious cage, and all it has to do is eat, sleep, cast pellets and poop.

... never thought I'd be interested in taking shots of birds, and I don't think I ever will be. But for some reason, that disinterest doesn't apply to owls.

Snowy Owl

Snowy oils are descending on the region in search of food. (istock)

This photo is a little underexposed for my liking, DSC_0971. Because Snowy Owls ...

This year, a snowy owl has been spotted in Minnesota. Photo by Silver Leapers/flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Then we continued the trip off eBird location maps for more owls as we went north onto Algonquin. The Snowy Owl doesn't give a hoot that we've driven ...

Snowy owl drops in for brief visit at air base