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Tony Stark Silver Fox and Pepper PottsSteve RogersThor

Tony Stark Silver Fox and Pepper PottsSteve RogersThor


Tony Stark (Silver Fox) and Pepper Potts,Steve Rogers,Thor Odinson,Peter Parker

As mentioned here, my first issue of Tales of Suspense was issue #53. (I was eventually lucky enough to get my friend Kevin's copy of Tales of Suspense #45 ...

I love them so much!

A little less than five years ago, I did a two-part "Comical Wednesday" post about what I called "Unfortunate Comics." Here are the links for Part One and ...

Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes, Steve Rogers, Spideypool, Superfamily, Iron Man Tony Stark, Loki, Thor, Stony


Where shipping matters: Photo. Tony Stark & Steve RogersMarvel ...

Dear Tony Stark by pencilHead7 on DeviantArt...Yes, Thor took Tony'

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Pepper Potts

For The Love of Science Bros

Avoid Superhero Confusion With Our Avengers: Age of Ultron Character Guide

Who's confirmed, who's uncertain, and who do we know isn't going to make an appearance in the film? Read on to find out.

tumblr tried to stop me from uploading my one tru love, silver fox tony stark, but I succeeded

10 Hal Stark

Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye


captain america civil war

Different types of coca-Cola i loving it

Marvel Comics

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase One.jpg

We'd like Infinity War to end up like this. And also, Peter, Gamora, Steve and Thor won't take Rocket's shit any longer lol

Avengers (Marvel Comics) vol 3 num 38.jpg

Captain America Civil War Cap And Tony Talking

In Planet Hulk, the "friend from work" with whom the Hulk reunites in the arena is none other than the Silver Surfer, who has also been fitted with ...

The Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Comics

Cover art by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers The five founding members were: Ant-Man (Hank Pym), The Wasp, Iron Man, Thor, ...

theironman: “gwynethpaltrow: We're back!

Avengers: Infinity War

Before I begin my Iron Man post: In comic-related news, the word is out on some of the cast of the new Spider-Man movie. Martin Sheen will play Uncle ...

Captain America bursting through a page of newspaper



(Marvel, JG)

Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts

Of course, one of the obstacles to bring more Avengers into Thor: Ragnarok was how many characters the Thor movies already had to juggle.

Infinity-Gauntlet-Comic-Silver-Surfer-Doctor-Strange. Morgan Stark

Rogers returns as the original Captain America, with updated costume and shield, reminiscing actor Chris Evans' portrayal in Marvel Cinematic Universe and ...

TwT) that was why I couldn't watch videos yesterday?

Avengers Time Runs Out

Avengers: Infinity War | Meet the Cast | FULL guide to actors and characters in Marvel's biggest ever movie - Radio Times

Thor: Ragnarok – Review


Captain America #350 (February 1989). Rogers as "the Captain" vs. John Walker as Captain America. Cover art by Kieron Dwyer and Al Milgrom.

NEW 'THOR: RAGNAROK' POSTER!Hand-drawn by Dan Mumford!

Morgan Stark. Pepper Potts and Tony Stark

By doing this, we get three awesome villains, with motives that help the heroes stories progress. It also allows a chance for Tony and Thor to wrap up their ...

avengers infinity war marvel cinematic universe infinity stones thanos infinity gauntlet post-credit scene

Note Thanos doesn't even have any Stones/Gems here Infinity Gauntlet

During Thor: Ragnarok, Thor managed to defeat Hela, the sister he never knew that he had, but it was at an extremely high cost. He had to destroy Asgard to ...

Thanos beat all these folks just by snapping his fingers Infinity Gauntlet

I kinda super adore this.

Captain America #180 (Dec. 1974). Captain America becomes "Nomad". Cover art by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia.


Visual effects[edit]

The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline Explained

Unworthy Thor


Iron Man 2 Poster

Steve dancing with his stepdaughter at his and Tony's wedding ♡

Infinity Gauntlet

Not a good day for Loki: As for the spoiler, it involves Loki.

Planet Hulk

Captain America Shield in Iron Man

Baby Avengers, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Comics, Wade Wilson, Steve Rogers, Loki, Thor, Stony Superfamily, Spideypool

"We kept thinking about how fun it would be if we took our two most heroic, most powerful characters, Thor and Hulk. Pit them against each other and but ...

Marvel Studios

Neither the Hulk nor Thor appeared in Captain America: Civil War, and that's not an accident. Both heroes are so unstoppable, and so disinterested in the ...

This happens over and over The God Quarry

Promotional art for Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1 (Sept. 2010) by Carlos Pacheco and Tim Townsend.

1. The artistic tensions which ultimately undermined Don Heck's reputation as a superhero artist can be seen at play in this charming splash page from ...

Wigging out: Gwyneth was back in character as Pepper Potts for Avengers 4 on Tuesday

It all leads back to Infinity War

(Marvel, JG)

The Ava Stark-Rogers Series

The plot: After Steve Rogers' heroic sacrifice at the end of Avengers 4, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson are left to pick up the pieces of ...

Marvel Comics


#cosplay by @aletheia_cosplay⠀ Photo by @yourgirlolive⠀ #captainamerica # steverogers #

After the release of The Dark World and Age of Ultron, Thor is in dire need of a change in terms of how the filmmakers tackle his character.

Jack Kirby wasn't the only artist to draw Thor, complete with a hammer, pre-Marvel Comics. Here's Steve Ditko's rendention of Thor, done for Charlton Comics ...

To ...

Captain Marvel

In retrospect, Thor achieved more than many would give it credit for. Before Thor, the MCU movies were fairly grounded, sans superpowers.