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Vegeta Oi you can let go now Bulma He he I39m never letting go

Vegeta Oi you can let go now Bulma He he I39m never letting go


Funny / Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Namek/Freeza Saga

My first kiss 💙 underwater…..[Picture] <3

whattya say we go shower off after all this training, vegeta?

Dragon Ball Z: Retold Saga: Final Mix (Chapter 27) by Rojoneo on DeviantArt

... ohmahgahddddddd it's been SOOO long since I made a fanficccccccccc like when was the last time I made one? 7 months ago? Jeez, anyways! Let's get on to ...

Post ...

FanartGoku ...

Mm it's naptime.. UoU) ~*

Re: Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Anime x manga

Son Gohan (孫 悟飯)

Tease | Gogeta x Vegito Oneshot

AndyIomoon 60 15 She-Vegeta 2 by Maniaxoi

Bulma: Ten Shin Han stop saying such bullshits!

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But if they really met, it would be silly to think we wouldn't see some sort of “sparring.” This would be mainly bc of Goku and his affinity for fighting ...


The end of @tpthvegebulsmutfest, closing out with the final bonus prompt, Fantasy. And, look, I'm all for sexual fantasies, but I am such a huge High ...

Saiyans (サイヤ人, Saiya-jin)




Just look at her here. She just has that same little fear she had in the Buu Saga. How much she cares, HOW MUCH bc she knows Vegeta is not bad after ...

The above picture was one I found on gelbooru (weird, I know). And it inspired pretty much the entire saga. This is very similar to how a single picture ...

nekoni 135 27 Vegetas Vengeance - Sith Style by nekoni

blows himself up for nothing and turns to stone/compacted ash

Dragon Ball GT is the third anime series in the Dragon Ball franchise and a sequel show to the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Produced by Toei Animation, ...

Taking a break by ginkoflowers ...

Will Goku And Vegeta Fuse? | Dragon Ball Super

https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/. "He ...


Dragon Ball R&R Episode 2 | MasakoX

Piccolo (ピッコロ, Pikkoro)

AA T ⒞


If you choose to disregard Vegeta's claim of destroying the planet because it was spoken by an extremely arrogant/overconfident character, then you must do ...

DragonBall Super Intro Sequence - For All Nerds .


Goku and Vegeta with full on beards ...

Getting back to the true subject of this blog, I think a couple of questions have been raised about Vegeta's ascension to the level of god.

Inktober day 12 - Bulma from Dragonball (⺣◡⺣)♡

Kabocha24 12 29 Veggiepants by nekoni


1. Episode 1

... it was spoken by an extremely arrogant/overconfident character, then you must do the same for Boros who is near the same.


I had a better one of majin Vegeta, but someone messed it up. *cough* my brother *cough.*


I know what u want to see //D But noooope.

33. Episode 33. 24m. Jeice flees when he ...

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Dragon High School

Re: Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Anime x manga

7. Episode 7

It's not actually Off-Model, being an in-between frame designed to make the animation look more fluid, a common technique in Western Animation.

13. Episode 13

15. Episode 15

26. Episode 26

... me if Vegeta WILL skip SS God in order to get to SS Blue. However, I am not 100% sure if he CAN skip SS God in order to get to SS Blue.

1. Episode 1

However, I am not writing this as a Vegeta fanboy without using some details and information from the series to back up my theory.

... due to lack of an electric aura, but the same can be said about Vegeta when he powered up without an electric aura in a rage over Bulma being smacked).

Happy Goku


Memes / Dragon Ball


Kanye after he learns Vegeta stole his lyrics.

ellensama 3,162 442 : Female Vegeta : by Queen-Vegeta69

Vegeta (Super Saiyan) (ベジータ (超サイヤ人), Vegeta (Super Saiyajin))

9. Episode 9

A/N: This takes places in the events of frieza arc,you are part of frieza army and been one of his kind, not related to him by blood yet he sees you as ...

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Android 18 (人造人間18号, Jinzō Ningen Jūhachi-Gō / Android No.18)

If Vegeta does skip SS God, I think that would be cool because it shows that he wants to surpass Goku, but he will do it on his own.

Explanation A play on words of Hit's resolve against Jiren. Throughout the episode "Hit vs. Jiren", Hit repeats his settlement that it's his duty to take ...

Like the length of time they were in “that place”, it is unknown how much more powerful the two had become.

#gogetaxvegito #romance #yaoi

Maniaxoi 357 69 Vegeta and Azula by HoneyDove

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It just shows their poor planning on their part. a) if you know he will go "very" blue, let him keep the black/grey underclothing from the previous ...

Location: Field where Vegeta ...

It is hard to believe that only a couple of days ago, these female Saiyans did not even know what Super Saiyan was. Now, they have obtained one ...

Goku was given a SECRET Curse, but it was HIDDEN?! NEW dragon ball super movie?

Not to get off subject but I feel that the reason for Bulma getting pregnant again would most likely be due to Vegeta's love for her.

At some point in the anime, Whis says that there was no longer a need to train the two Saiyans. During their sparring sessions together, the Saiyans' innate ...

-Piccolo was eliminated by the 'invisible bug' and then 17 points out that all of them focus too much on ki signature and energy readings instead of the ...

8. Episode 8

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO 1516745418698.jpg, ...

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