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Spank me like a disobedient avocado Random Fandom Stuff

Spank me like a disobedient avocado Random Fandom Stuff


spank me like a disobedient avocado


Crowley's use of the word "darling" | Supernatural | BONUS: Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston | Supernatural | Pinterest | Supernatural, Fandoms and ...

Sherlock. Or Supernatural? #sherlock #supernatural #superlock

This is so true

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hey look the Supernatural fandom appeared again

Netflix describes Supernatural // ugh the last line. "Your dead mom's chest hair!" made me crack up! I don't even watch SPN (not yet, anyway.

American Pie and Supernatural reference.

Supernatural fandom and the Science side of Tumblr >>> A+ for that tag! Funny StuffRandom ...

Jensen is the wittiest and sassiest person you'll meet and Misha is just adorable and always smiling but also just like "What ...

Good night ••• #supernatural #spn #supernaturalfamily #fandom #winchester #


Probably my favorite SPN scene ever.

supernatural fandom funny quotes tumblr - Google Search

... when you think about God Misha giving her a nod of happiness, for finally getting it right. <-- that comment < < < Man I WISH we talked about stuff like ...

tbh i still cry at that moment.it gets me every time! especially deans speech <-- i just know hes not forever dead. well at least not physically.

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fun fact did you know that in a lot of mythos uriel is also considered one of the archangels | Fandom stuff | Pinterest | Supernatural, Superwholock and ...

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This man is too precious. Protect him at all cost. < < < meanwhile


☾pιnтereѕт: jade2244☽

Supernatural [I would say Jack Harkness from Doctor Who/Torchwood counts, as far as bisexual characters go.] < < I say Captain Jack counts, he's a cutie :p

Ate poderia continuar com as maratonas, se a netflix colocar mas temporadas :v

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If you didn't like John, you'll HATE Negan.

Found on | All things Supernatural | Pinterest | Harry Potter, Supernatural and Harry potter fandom

Misha Collins is such a great man and has helped me a lot. A lot of people don't about how an amazing person Misha is and what he has done to make ...

Sometimes tumblr gets it right (39 Photos). Random stuffRandom ...

Leviathan cas that I like .

Quote from Supernatural 13x12 │ Sam Winchester: Okay, I think Jamie must be a-a

I think I just died

We win things that doesn't even concern us.

I watched this gif for five minutes and my sides are hurting from laughing so hard XD Pardon the language

Me if I were immortal.

Not sure if this should go under supernatural or Loki?? I'll put it in both | Marvel | Pinterest | Supernatural, Marvel and Fandoms

Especially cause only cas understood so I bet he was like “you're not wrong” <

Well they spelled fierce completely wrong but this is hilarious

Eyebrow, but I like what I've found so far!

Pin by Melissa Seidel on Supernatural | Pinterest | Supernatural, Moose and Fandom

Even now supernatural fans would post a gif from supernatural because they have…

No homo full bi

Dean and Castiel almost kiss / Destiel

Avocado, Lawyer

Only in the SPN fandom will Lucifer be considered misunderstood and defended and it will be ok. < <

Pin by E. M M A on Skywalker Family Drama | Pinterest | Star, Fandoms and Starwars

Benny, is this your fault?

Possession by the devil is a quick and easy way to rise to the top,

There's always a way to work Supernatural into a conversation. ALWAYS < < < < < < I don't even watch Supernatural, but this is me every day!

Wow, I low key thought this was a Supernatural episode, but then I realized it's Scary Movie 3

I think that was one hardcore Misha fan

Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything. Tie for my fave: An angel caressing a pineapple or a bath with Satan.

Supernatural fandom & the Adam's curse xDDD

God dammit why does our fandom hate ourselves so much?

Supernatural fandom

SPN and Harry Potter references in one post. Do you think it's because we're so awesome? I think it's because we're so awesome.


Meanwhile Misha

The intense stuff is all pre-angel stuff. They hadn't known about the angels when the scary shit was going down.

Misha and West Collins, both extraordinarily adorable in every single way

I learned that from the pizza man Supernatural Destiel, Castiel, Misha Collins, Fandoms

Pin by Melissa Seidel on Supernatural | Pinterest | Supernatural, Moose and Fandom

"Could possibly be representing Satan" my behind! She obviously doesn't understand. This IS Satan! :): "Could possibly be representing Satan" my behind!

Jensen's face


[SET OF GIFS]-- Cas just summed up my daily struggle as an introvert.

Anderson's TG Captions

It's funny (and also hurts) bc it's true

The Ferrari of vessels/Dean Winchester/angel possession is like driving an expensive car

Pin by Melissa Seidel on Supernatural | Pinterest | Supernatural, Moose and Fandom

Can someone please invent "supernatural jeopardy" BC I would actually go on TV and play it.

I love how in all the "from cute to sexy" things dean is always covered in blood or dirt

Things like this bring a few tears to my eyes, because the only time that

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. Or you eat guacamole.

< < yeah saving shoulders, covering things, the family shirt.

I would really want to read this

*cough* 502 big block 500 horsepower engine *cough* Not even by the engine. Just by the door closing < <

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Supernatural Memes - •Thirty-Five•

“We're sorry, but we're not ashamed” -Supernatural Motto(Misha Collins&Fan)

XD it's funny because we do Exactly the same thing my little sister and I, when she's out, I go in use room and mess with all her stuff, and when I'm ...

fun fact did you know that in a lot of mythos uriel is also considered one of the archangels

And then when he leaves Dean proceeds to rub his tooth brush under his pits and sit in his pillow.>>>and those destiel fanfics on the hundreds of USBs Sammy ...

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Awesome Tumblr 270

I'm not shipping it at all, it's jut the fact that their faces are going to give me nightmares for weeks

I wish this wasn't true

"No one makes us do anything." Honestly I'm so tired of

Image result for stupid funny Destiel

12x10 Cas mood board - somehow I am all of them<< Supernatural Fandom

Wanna open that bag? Carry on, my wayward son.


It's been a rough couple of years.

Find geeky things and cool stuff in supernatural merchandise collection.

So true it's sad

Discover ideas about Life

I bet Misha changes all if them to things like this

I have to stop with all the destiel things.

Oh my Chuck